A Website Project from Beginning to End


Building a website is much like building a house. When building a house, you can hire a builder, but you first need a set of blueprints that outline exactly the kind of house you are building – the layout of the house, how many rooms, fixtures, materials, etc. The same process is true for web design. Any site that you have built will need a set of “blueprints” that outline exactly what is and is not included. We have several packages that fit most business needs. You may choose the package you want. We are here to answer any questions you might have during this process.


  1. Read and approve the project scope. You will thoroughly read what is included in the package you select, and sign the project proposal indicating your agreement. You will choose whether you want to host with us or manage your own hosting.
  2. Sign the contract. Don’t worry, we are not requiring you to be our client for any period of time. We simply want to outline how we will work together.
  3. Complete contact paperwork. To avoid the “too many cooks in the kitchen” effect, we require there to be a single contact at a company with whom all correspondence about the website will be directed.


We typically require 1/2 of the total project cost to begin work, with the the remaining half due upon completion of the project. If you need a different payment schedule, just ask. We try to be as flexible as possible.


What we mean when we talk about the design is the basic layout of the site, navigation, color, your branding, and perhaps some demo content. You send us websites which you like, in terms of the look and feel you want to achieve on your site. If that is too difficult (and it is for some), we send you examples of sites and ask you to review them for what you do and don’t like about them. Send us any marketing material you already have (such as logo, brochures, business cards, letterhead, etc.) and we will make the website consistent with the current branding you have. We put together a basic preliminary design and ask you to review it. Based on your feedback, we go back and forth, until you are satisfied with the basic overall design.


What we mean when we say textual content is the actual text you want to have on the website. We need original, final (not draft) text in electronic form. This means that it is a word processor document, text file or email text. Don’t use copy machines or scanners to create files. They only create image files, there may be words in the images, but that is not text that we can use. Printed documents like magazines or newspapers cannot be put into the web site without someone typing the text. We assume that you do not want to pay us extra for typing.


We will help you select one image per page, from our in-house library or depositphotos.com We encourage your participation in the selection process and we welcome any photos of your own that you wish to have included in the website. You will provide all photos for any galleries, portfolios, or products. Images can be provided in many formats (JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and PNG). If you have a different image format than listed above, please ask us to assure compatibility. Images in a word processor document or a PDF file are not suitable to be used in a web site. The quality will not be retained when the image is converted to a web format. We use the following formats for images on a website (JPG, GIF or PNG).


Special functionality includes social media buttons and feeds, sharing icons, newsletter sign-up forms, contact forms, galleries or portfolios, videos, etc. Functionality included in your website will be determined by the package you select.


When we have completed the website, you will review it and send us any edits. We complete your edits and you are are ready to go live.


We make your website visible to all the world. Yippee!


We test all the functionality on the site one more time, we add special code behind the scenes to aid in search engine inclusion and provide statistics about your site visitors.


A website is like a car. It requires periodic maintenance to remain safe and functional. We offer a separate maintenance package that includes monthly backups and updates of the software.

If you want any edits to your site, you can always send them our direction and we will complete them in a timely manner.