Website Design

We offer three packages to help you plan and shop your new website.

WordPress Hosting

We host and fully manage select WordPress sites. Do you qualify?

Website Edits

Need to add, edit, or delete content on your site? We can help.

WordPress Maintainance

We keep all your WordPress software up-to-date.

Advice for the DIYer

From domain names & hosting to creating an email account and basic how-tos, we can be your guide.

Website Consulting

We review your site and answer your question, “What should I change?” based on your individual goals.

Website Planning

We develop the blueprint for your new website which you can take to website developers to request quotes.

Website Development

We currently provide website development services for current clients or by special request.


Web Applications

It’s complex. Give us a shout and we’ll explain it.

Multi Level Marketing

MLM takes advantage of people.

Sex & Hate Related Websites

Just not our style.

Grumpy Muffins

We are nice. We only work with nice people.