"It’s not what you say, but how you say it." Certainly this is true when writing for websites.

Most people are not good writers and even if they are, they don’t know what to consider when writing text for their websites. If you want to know how to write good website copy, here is a quick peek on things to consider. If you decide to leave the copywriting (or copy editing) to the professionals, Out of Nowhere can help.

What to consider when writing content for websites:

Assume that your visitor will scan your web pages.

This means that your important information should be easily identifiable with bullet points and section headings.

Provide good data for the search engines.

The search engines will use the text on your site to determine what your site is about and how to list your site. This means that if you want to show up in the search engines for the term “foreign auto repair”, you better include those three words in your text (and include them several times.) What’s more, include related terms such as Audi, BMW, Volvo, Toyota, etc. Or perhaps include terms like “electrical system”, “brakes”, etc. You get the picture.

Use your search terms in title and subtitles.

When you are organizing your text visually for your customer by including headings and subheadings inside the text, remember to use your search terms in those headings. Search engines give greater value to text that is in a heading.

Use local terms.

If your business is regional, remember to include regional references in your text often. This makes your site more appealing to visitors from that area and it also will boost your ranking in the search engines when people search with regional terms.


The goal of the search engines is to provide the best information to people on a search. They really don’t care about helping your advertising efforts. The way you bridge this gap is to offer good information and education to consumers. Let your site become a resource for people looking to learn more about what you do or offer. Out of Nowhere providing information her about copy writing for websites is a good example of this. Not only are you more likely to rank better in the search engines, you can establish for your visitors that you indeed know what you are talking about.

Be redundant.

Contrary to writing for print, redundancy in a website is preferable. You may want to introduce one idea in multiple areas of a website or multiple times on the same page. Our rule of thumb is to keep the message clear to the visitor but provide ample information to facilitate the meaningfulness of the site and provide rich text (data) to the search engines.

Short and sweet doesn’t cut it.

People often tell us that they don’t want their page to say much; they just want a few words and images. Yet, they also want to their site to perform well in the search engines. You cannot have both. Our solution to this is to provide uncluttered, easy to read text in the “viewable” part of the screen (the part that people see first when they go to your web page) but then provide the “meat” of the information lower on the page where visitors can access it if/when they scroll down. The brutal truth about writing for search engines is that you absolutely have to provide an abundance of text about your search terms for the search engines to consider your site worthy of listing. Period. End of story. Out of Nowhere’s goal is to be able to format the text to that it appears simple and readable and not overwhelming to your visitor.

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