A Little Helpful Information

Proceeding with a new website build without a plan is like going to Home Depot and buying lumber, drywall and screws before you have a blueprint for your house.

When writing SEO-optimized text for your site, realize have two audiences–your customer and the search engines– and you need to write for both of them.

Unless you have the budget to hire a market research company, the place to begin when selecting your search terms is to ask yourself a question…

Email hosted with your website is free, convenient, and… a bad idea. It’s hard to pass up a free service, but let’s look at a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

Many find the difference between a registrar and a hosting company confusing, so we created a simple illustration about them and how how they work together.

How they are different, why it matters, and what to do when you exceed them. If you find yourself over limits, here are things you can do to resolve it.

Even if you are on a budget, you can get affordable quality stock photography (and video) online. Check out our three favorite stock photo/video sites.

You don’t really buy a domain name, you register it. If no one else has registered the domain name, then you can, from one to 10 years.