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Fort Worth ResidentiaL Roofing

Jones Construction Services has earned the trust of thousands of Fort Worth residents as a full-service residential roofing contractor. We know you have choices when it comes to choosing a company to repair, maintain or replace the roof of your home. We offer quality workmanship and roofing products, along with exceptional customer service and A+ rating with the BBB.

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Fort Worth Residential Roof Repair

Our skilled roofing professionals come prepared to complete a full spectrum of services to restore your roof including (but not limited to): roof shingle repairs, vent replacements, chimney leak repairs, storm damage restorations and replacements, final roof walks, roof damage insurance claim assistance and of course we provide FREE roof repair estimates!

Fort Worth Roof Installation and Replacement.

Know your Roofing Options!

You have many choices when it’s time to choose a replacement roof, from materials to colors to styles. We’ll give you our expert opinion and help you come up with the best options for your house and your budget. We offer a color and style guide to help you design your dream home, and a GAF roofing system that is guaranteed to last. Our roofing materials are tested for extreme weather conditions to ensure that you have peace of mind when it comes to your home.

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Fort Worth ResidentiaL Composition Shingles

Asphalt shingles are by far the most affordable roofing material on the market. They’re quick and easy to install and wheninstalled correctly and properly maintained they can last for about 25-30 years.

The shingles are also really easy to tear down, repair or replace if need be. One of the things that make them really affordable is that they don’t require any special tools or accessories in order to install them, such as roof edges, vent flashings or wall terminations.

Their versatility opens them up to a range of different shapes, styles and colours, allowing you to style them as you please for your desired aesthetic. The shingles are waterproof and fireproof, adding that extra protection to your home in case of any emergencies. They also work well on homes with steep, sloping structures and are pretty compatible with most roof types. Another great feature is that the mineral granules on the shingles help to deflect harmful, roof-damaging UV rays.

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Fort Worth Residential Metal Roofing

Metal is one of the most reliable roofing materials on the market for both residential and commercial roofs. These are some of the characteristics that make it a great roofing option:

Metal roofing holds up well against all types of harsh weather conditions. It is even able to withstand debris and animal activity. The impact of extreme weather in the Westfield Massachusetts area makes metal roofing an excellent choice for durability.

Low maintenance
Maintenance on a metal roof is so easy that you could almost install it and forget about it. As with any roofing material, regular maintenance is a must, but the upkeep on a metal roof is so limited, that compared to other solutions like shingles, concrete, or tile, you’ll have a worry-free roof and save on costs in the long run.

Its durability and ease of maintenance contribute to metal roofs lasting a very long time – up to 50-70 years. That means that you may very well never have to replace your home’s roof again in your lifetime.

Environmentally friendly
In most cases, a quality metal roof will be made of anything from 35% – 95% recyclable and/or recycled material. While the lifespan of a metal roof will be very long, when it does come time to remove it for whatever reason, the entire thing will be 100% recyclable, as opposed to being dumped in a landfill. In addition, its heat-reflecting capabilities means the homeowner will save on home energy costs too, by reducing the need for cooling in the home.

While your metal roof will cost more up front to install, it will cost less over its lifetime. The long-term investment is well worth it considering the reduction of maintenance and repair costs over the roof’s lifetime – a far cry from alternatives like asphalt shingles. On top of that, metal roof warranties also tend to be exceptional.

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Fort Worth Residential Slate Tile Roofing

The biggest advantage to installing a slate roof on your home is the appearance. Slate roof tiles are made of 100% natural stone, and have a naturally cleft surface with beautiful color variation ranging over the entire roof. Slate roof tiles are also extremely durable, outlasting the buildings they are installed on in some cases. In fact, installed and cared for properly it is not unheard of for a slate roof to last 150 years or more.

In addition to being beautiful and durable, slate roof tiles are also fireproof and environmentally friendly. Being made of natural stone, the tiles don’t give off VOCs or other pollution during manufacturing. They can also be recycled after they are used on the roof or if they outlast the building they are installed on. They can also help to insulate the home below them, which can lower energy costs in the houses that use them.

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Insurance Claims Assistance

Jones Roofing will work directly with your insurance provider to ensure that all storm damages to your roof is properly repaired!

Jones Roofing has one of the largest selections of roof colors in the Fort Worth area!

We’ll help you understand key terms related to roofing so you know exactly what we are doing before we do it. We’ll also help you determine if your roof requires replacement or if it can simply be fixed. We can also perform regular inspections to ensure that your roof is up to par before severe weather hits. We know the danger signs to watch for when a roof is failing and we do all we can to protect you from roofing problems in your home.

We provide reliable, watertight protection for your home that is guaranteed by the manufacturer. We guarantee our work and we aren’t happy until you are 100% satisfied with the job.

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