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Mary Beth and Tom

Mary Beth Hirsch
Mary Beth Hirsch
Owner, Out of Nowhere
Managed WordPress Hosting
Domain Managment

Mary Beth received her BA in art from the University of Texas in Arlington. She owns Out of Nowhere, established in 2000. Frustrated with sub-par website hosting companies, she decided to build her own website hosting servers to provide the reliability and quality her clients deserved. She now specializes in Managed WordPress Hosting.

first album: The Grand Illusion, by Styx

on the bucket list: to live in a hobbit hole

favorite smell: rain

guilty pleasure: Beau of the 5th Column

comfort food: chicken and dumplin’s

worst job: driving an ice cream truck

birth order: 2nd of 4

favorite dessert: yes

named after: both grandmothers

fort worth: 5th generation

surprising history: lived in a castle

childhood dream: be a fireman

“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief.”
~ Mary Oliver

Mary Beth (owner of Out of Nowhere) and Tom (owner of GMAN Websites) attended highschool together and somehow, over three decades later, they ended up in the same profrofession – website design. In 2020, after Mary Beth’s husband and business partner retired, Tom stepped in to help when needed.


In a dog-eat-dog world, Mary Beth and Tom decided to turn it on it’s head. They thought it was better (for both their clients and their companies) to create a “dog-helps-dog” world. In November of 2021, they came up with a plan. Mary Beth would focus on her Managed WordPress Hosting, having Tom take over the website design aspect of her business. Tom would focus on his Website Design business and host his clients with Mary Beth. Everyone wins!

Realizing this might be a little confusing for Mary Beth’s clients, we’ve created a quick outline of who to contact regarding your website.

TOM (Website Design/Development)

  • I need to make text or image changes on my site.
  • I need to add or remove pages
  • I want to add a new function, like a form, slideshow, e-commerce, etc.
  • I’m ready to upgrade the design on my site.

MARY BETH (Hosting)

  • My site is down.
  • My site looks weird for some reason.
  • Something I didn’t request has changed on my site.
  • I have a question about my domain name.
  • I have a question about my hosting.

If you have a need and you don’t know who should handle it, please contact Tom. If the topic relates to website hosting, he will quickly notify me and I’ll get in touch with you, asap.

Tom Gotkowski
Tom Gostkowski
Owner, GMAN Websites
Website Design & Development
Website Edits & Updates

Tom received his BS degree in Advertising/PR from TCU. For over a decade he worked as a graphic designer in the print industry. In 2012, he decided to put his talents to work in the website design and development industry. He is the owner of GMAN Websites, a thriving website design company serving businesses in the Fort Worth/Dallas area.

first album: The Cars

on the bucket list: to live in the Caribbean

favorite smell: my wife’s neck

guilty pleasure: facebook marketplace

comfort food: posolé

worst job: prepress manager

birth order: the baby

favorite dessert: oatmeal raisin cookies

named after: no one

fort worth: yes

surprising history: expelled from 2 parochial schools

childhood dream: to live in the Caribbean

quote: “The more relaxed you are the better you are.”
– Bill Murray