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Host Your Site with SSL

We securely store and serve your site to the internet on world-class servers.

Reduce Risk with Continual Monitoring

As WordPress, your theme or plugins release new updates, we upgrade them on your site to keep it protected and running smoothly.

Protect Your Site from Hackers

We continuously scan your site for vulnerabilities and install a firewall to block nepharious intruders.

Personalized Recommendations

If your theme or plugins are abandoned by their developers, we reach out personally to notify you and suggest a replacement.

Redundant Backups to The Cloud

Your site and our web host servers are backed up daily to Amazon’s premier S3 servers. Site-specific redundant backups are stored in a second location on the cloud for quick recovery.

Increased Speed and Performance

We host only websites we monitor and which meet our strict guidelines regarding software and content loaded on the site. This ensures the server runs quickly and smoothly, and you will not be negatively affected by any other site on the server.
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Monthly Website Care Reports

Every month we send you a report which outlines the software updates and security scans we performed on your site. You will see we are always working on your site, even when you are not.
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